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"You’re worth risking everything for."

So some people ship Dawson/Joey or Pacey/Joey… but my OTP from Dawson’s Creek is most definitely Dawson and Gretchen. I totally have this entire plot formed out in my head where they ended up together in the end :) 

Sadly, I may be their lone fan… I don’t meet many people out there that are like YES! Dawson & Gretchen! LOL Most people that I’ve talked to don’t even remember her, which is so sad. This show is where my Sasha Alexander obsession began XD

And because it took so long to make and because my grandma was being super bitchy today, this is the only one I got to make :( So much for my plan to pay tribute to a bunch of ships that i don’t talk about much!

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    I wholeheartedly agree. They were so great together, and in my mind at least, they found their way back to each other....
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    Oh Dawson’s Creek. How I miss you! Dawson/Gretchen FOREVER!
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    “You’re worth risking everything for.”
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    Oh my god… when it ended I had totally wanted there to be a little Gretchen cameo with her and Dawson after Joey picked...
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